All members receive a membership card with its expiry date and the member's name. Presentation of this card will entitle the member to a 20% discount on tours, camping, accommodation and hunting except for any events that are exclusive to members of Wetlands and Wildlife and where set fees may apply.

Voting Members

There must be no fewer than fifty voting members. They are the people who have accepted the role of "shareholders" in the company and as such have financial liability for the company. They receive no dividends but receive the same benefits as Associate Members. A number of these members give annual donations and provide other assistance to the company.

Associate Members:

Annual fee of $50 Australia $55 (AUD) overseas renewable each year (1st January to 31st December)

Family Members:

As for Associate Members but fee $75 Australia $80 (AUD) overseas and includes partner and any children under 16 years.

To apply for membership, fill out the membership form and send to:

Wetlands and Wildlife Naracoorte Office
PO Box 1015, NARACOORTE SA 5271
Or email to: or contact Admin on 08 87620316.